International Firewalk Day: Healing Energy for Sri Lanka New Year

7ht April is the International Firewalk Day. On this special day we will join numerous Firewalking events taking place all around the world. Strong, powerful healing transmission.

Come & Firewalk with us. You can break Your fears and get big energy for anything You dream of in Your life. And at the same time, send to the universe Your good energy together with all the Firewalkers on International Firewalk Day.

We will also give special intentions as we bring in the Sri Lanka New Year. Let’s clean all old useless habits, emotion and everything that keeps You unhappy. Let’s give to others only happiness, love & light. But first You have to find it & we’ll do it together. Let’s firewalk.

Im Ewa Pisera – Certificated Firewalk Instructor and I’ll guide You how to rise to Your inner power. You can Firewalk but You don’t have to. You’ll be part of the healing energy anyway

We are planning a chamber event among friends.

Times: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Location: Aluthgama, Sri Lanka
Fee: Free
With Ewa Pisera