This is a time for peace, unification and celebration. Collectively we can raise awareness and consciousness. Let’s Firewalk Together on International Firewalk Day. Firewalking Africa want you to join them to help celebrate this first-of-its-kind world event. The aim is to have as many Firewalks as possible, on the same day, all over the planet, igniting a healing revolution! International Firewalk Day is about uniting people from all over the world to walk the hot coals together.

  • One day to celebrate the Joy and Wisdom of Firewalking
  • A day to set intentions for Peace on our planet
  • Raising awareness and consciousness
  • Helping people improve their lives

Journey with us through the fire, and you’ll discover an exhilarating world where anything is possible, for yourself and for our planet! You’ll be guided by Cobus Visser, MASTER Firewalker, through overcoming your fears, building your inner strength and finally, after a calm and confident walk across the red-hot coals, claiming the life of your dreams on the other side! You will profoundly understand that you can do anything! Come to celebrate humanity with this unique opportunity to uplift ourselves and our planet! Please bring along any donation you would like to make, either money, non-perishable goods or anything you don’t need anymore.  All these donations will be given to the Children of Fire Charity.

Last year we had a 150 people. We will have a great event this year and Raise the Vibration and consciousness of the planet

Times: 5:30pm for 6pm – 10pm
Location: Waverly Sports Club, Johannesburg, South Africa
Fee: ZAR 250 per person
With Firewalking Africa