To celebrate International Firewalk Day, The Four Elements Firewalking want you to join them to help celebrate this first of a kind world event. International Firewalk Day is about bringing people from all over the world to unite and walk the hot coals together.

It will be a family day of transformation and challenges but most of all it will be full of excitement and we promise you it will be a day you won’t forget.

On the day we will work together as a group to build a fire in preparation for your Firewalk Experience when the sun goes down.

While the fire is burning we will keep the adrenaline going by offering you the chance to take part in any or all of the following activities!

  • Glass walking
  • Rebar Bending
  • Board Breaking
  • Arrow Snapping

When the firewalk is over we welcome you to join us for a campfire.

Hot food and refreshments will be provided on the day (included in the price) and you get a certificate of participation.

Times: 2.00pm – 8.00pm
Location: Finglas, Dublin, Ireland
Fee: €60
The Four Elements Firewalking