Gourme Firewalk – Ugunsstaigāšana Gardēžiem

Hosted by Fire Hawk

Firewalk for experienced firewalkers only.

Program includes fire sacrifies ritual, washing with fire and very special firewalk in terms of length, shape and it will be deep coal bed firewalk

04.04.2020. is a particularly magical date between spring solstice and Easter.

The date is number 444, which is a mental awakening number that hides both Latvian wealth 4 and 3 with its ubiquitous stability. In addition, World Fire Day is being held this year

We have prepared a program for our faithful followers and fire tribesmen. If you have already gone through the fire and are looking for an opportunity to get to know the fire even closer, then this is the event for you.

You can expect:
A special stack of fire to give more power to the event
A special fire ignition rite and of course a donation to the fire
Conversation and washing with fire while coal is forming
Firewalking on untrained coal
… And then we’ll see what the henchman whispers to us.

The event is hosted by Mārtiņš Vecvanags, Inese and Jānis Atis Krūmiņi

Number of participants is limited:
Currently, we think no more than 15. So hurry to apply early.

p.s. if your main obstacle is paying for it then let us know. We may be able to ease that burden. We want to see our specials.

Times: TBC
Location: Latvia
Fee: 50 Euro