Firewalk to Support People Living with Cancer and their Family Members and Friends

Fire embodies the qualities of Cleansing, Healing, Purification and Transformation and is a powerful ally to call upon to ask for and to maintain healing change in your life. This Firewalk is specially for people who are living with cancer and for their family members and friends, or for people who are willing to participate and effect healing in the great web of life through which we are all connected.

This experience is offered at a special price to mark International Firewalk Day at £25 per person. If you wish to ask family members and friends to sponsor you to firewalk, please do so and you can then choose to donate any extra funds raised to a charity which supports those living with cancer.


Children aged at least 8 years old and over may also Firewalk with the permission of their carers. Payment is required in advance and in full to secure your place (maximum 20 places).

For bookings and further information, please contact Katie on 0044 (0)75 9021 0180 or email

Katie is a Shamanic Practitioner (16 years experience in shamanic guidance, healing and counselling) & Firewalk Instructor (8 years experience in leading Firewalks)

Times: 6.00pm until late
Fee: £25
Location: Greystone Farm, Newtownstewart, Northern Ireland
Greystone Farm