Techniques of Overcoming


Being afraid and hesitating is something natural in life. In a survival effort, our brain generates anxiety and extreme emotions in response to what it perceives as a threat or unknown situation.

But often this is a disproportionate reaction and can prevent us from reaching our maximum potential, limiting our self-knowledge and personal development / growth and ultimately our success.

Also in life, we face seemingly insurmountable challenges, both in our personal and professional universe. However people who master the techniques and strategies of overcoming, manage (in a systematic way) achieve incredible things in life, and go beyond what they would normally reach!

On this day we will move from theory to practice, experiencing some of the world’s best techniques for overcoming and performing real live challenges (with photo coverage if you wish).

• Transform fear into power 
• Identify and break down limiting fears and beliefs 
• Change attitude toward obstacles 
• Increase persistence and resilience 
• Awaken the will to achieve higher goals

• Breaking wooden blocks (board breaking) 
• Walking barefoot on broken glass
• Surprise experience 

Throughout the event, there is no obligation for anyone to do something they really don’t want to. But … most of the participants want to repeat these challlenges on the same day and at later dates! 

Watching other overcome their fears and limitations will also be a huge inspiration. In just one afternoon the results are remarkable.

• Unforgettable experiences • 1 surprise experience 
• Personalized training with 3 certified instructors 
 Coffee Breaks
• Photos from your experience

Times: 3.00pm – 6.30pm
Location: R. dos Marinheiros 40 2625-116 Póvoa de Santa Iria, Portugal.
Fee: 75 Euro per person
With ID Training