Prachtige Parel Vuurlopen

Hosted by Prachtige Parel

During this 4-hour workshop you can experience what fire walking can do to you.

Fire walking is a worldwide ritual that has been occurring in many cultures for thousands of years. Over the centuries, many tribes have walked glowing paths of coal during celebrations, initiations and other important events.

We would like to share this experience with you!

The workshop consists of different parts:

  • Walk in
  • Brief explanation about the history of firewalking
  • Making a torch
  • The wood pile is ignited by your personal torch
  • Short break with a drink and a snack
  • Workshop: “With what intentions are you going to walk the path of fire?”
  • Safety rules: How do I safely walk on fire?
  • The firewalk
  • Closing

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Times: 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Location: De Levensbloem, Buggenhout
Fee: Children up to 12 years are free, as adults you pay € 45 excl. VAT!