On International Firewalk Day there will be numerous firewalking events taking place all around the world!

Firewalking gives you energy for big and small works, and it’s great tool to show us that we can do more than we imagine !!

I invite you to SPLENDID FIREWALKING !!!

Let’s show the world how splendid us Latvians are by going to the event wearing national costumes or some form of folk costumes. It really will be gorgeous!

What will we do?

We will meet, light the fire, sing, dance and prepare for firewalking. When the fire is burned out and coals are prepared, those who would like to Firewalk, will walk on the hot coals. And then we will calm down, sing again and drink some tea.

This will  be splendid, emotional and very valuable to every participant.

I will lead the event. My name is Baiba Kļava-Vecvanaga and I am  a firewalking instructor with international experience in managing such events for several years.

Times: 7.30pm to late
Location: Hotel Baltvilla, Baltezers, Latvia
Costs: €15. Children under 12, free
With FireHawk