For the 2nd time in history of Firewalking: the international firewalk day.

The fire is an ancient, ceremonial use. In all sorts of cultures, worldwide, people have been walking on red-hot coals. As an initiation, for physical or psychological health and for the welfare of the tribe.

Walking on hot coals barefoot does not seem to be the most intelligent idea for our Western imagination. So why?

The answer is simple: because it directly appeals to the most essential layer of our humanity! That explains why Firewalking has existed for thousands of years and takes place all over the world. It serves every individual and humanity in general.

Imagine that you are there on April 6! Connecting with your inner fire knowing that you are simultaneously connected with many Firewalkers worldwide? Inflame all inner and collective fires? What a party!

This Firewalk can be accessed by all ages. Children up to and including 13 can take part free of charge. From 14 years on we ask €42.50 per person in exchange (including VAT)

Times: 3.00pm – 8.00pm
Location: Onna, Netherlands