This courageous project was sparked from a Gathering of Firewalk Instructors in Latvia, October 2017. The aim is to have as many Firewalks as possible, on the same day, all over the planet. With this ancient transformational tool we can help people improve their lives. Collectively we can raise awareness and consciousness. We can encourage healing, while celebrating the Joy and Wisdom that comes with Firewalking.

  • One day to celebrate the Joy & Wisdom of Firewalking
  • Raising awareness & consciousness
  • We will light up the planet and ignite a healing revolution
  • International Firewalk Day takes place on the 1st Saturday in April each year
  • The next International Firewalk Day in on Saturday 7th April 2018


Times: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Location: Peterborough, England
Fee: £37 per person
UK Firewalk Academy