Breakthrough Firewalk Transformation

Breakthrough Firewalk Transformation

Breakthrough Firewalk Transformation

Breakthrough Coaching International founder Lori Hudspeth presents a Breakthrough Firewalk Transformation

Do you feel stuck in life? Are you stressed and fearful with events happening in your life and the world? Do you feel overwhelm? Do you feel you have lost yourself? Do you want to know how to access your deeper intuition and knowing?

Wanna break free from limiting beliefs to live the life you want and deserve? Want a deeper connection with the Divine? If you said “yes” to any of these then this workshop is for you.

Would you like to learn how to access your deeper intuition and know when it is time to act. Do you want to learn how to face fear and learn how to dismantle it in your life.

One participant said, “I am forever changed and i know now that i can do and get through anything with the new confidence I found within myself.” AJ

We will learn how to walk through our fears into our destiny with a firewalk. Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot on red hot coals. It is optional to actually walk on the coals.

Lori is a Master Firewalk Instructor, there is only a handful in the World, with 9 years experience. She will teach you how to know when to walk, if it is your time to walk, and how to dismantle your fears. How to walk safely across the coals. It is a day about life skills and ways to break through your limiting beliefs.

Firewalking portion is optional and you don’t have to walk to benefit from this life-changing and affirming day. Just watching others is empowering.

All activites are included, bring a sack dinner, bring a blanket, chair, journal, and an open mind.

Hotels are close by in Nashville, TN

Money back quarantee. If you haven’t received value for your investment before the firewalk, all investment will be returned to you. Your life is waiting. Make the leap!!!

Times: Arrive at 1.00pm start promptly at 1:30pm until 10.00pm
Location is in Joelton (Near Nashville, TN) Exact location will be given once you are registered.
Fee: $157 Here is the Link to pre-register
With Breakthrough Coaching International

Inner Fire

Inner Fire

Firewalk – Ubud, Bali


Do you want to:

  • Conquer your fears
  • Overcome self-imposed limitations
  • Find the courage to finally start on that secret dream you haven’t told anyone about?

Come and experience powerful emotional intelligence techniques you can apply to change your life.

Firewalking is a fantastic metaphor you can apply to any challenges you face. As you step up to the fire, you experience an emotion (probably fear). This gives you the opportunity to examine what to do with your emotion – let it run away with you, or decide to conquer it. Learn to conquer fear and confidently take your first step onto the fire, as you step into your new life.

Blast through your self-limiting beliefs. 

The most common question I am asked about firewalking is WHY? Why would you choose to risk burning your feet?….. What’s the purpose of firewalking?…

And my first answer is always to acknowledge that firewalking is not about the act of walking across fire – There’s no practical purpose for walking on hot coals in one’s daily life!


However, my immediate follow-up is always to assure whoever’s asking that it changed my life and it offers that same opportunity to anyone who’s willing to take on the challenge. It can be a truly defining moment. 

We all carry beliefs about ourselves and our life’s circumstances  in our sub-conscious mind… It’s how we are designed to learn from the moment we are born. However, our beliefs become habits that we no longer challenge – keeping us ‘stuck’ in the same fears, frustrations, and worries.

In essence, firewalking is about blasting through those beliefs. When you acknowledge fear as a blockage and use the tools you’ll learn to conquer it, you can set yourself free.

Live a life in which you can conquer your fears and use them to catapult you toward your wildest dreams.


Date: Friday 5th April 2019
Times: 4.30pm – 7.30pm
Location: Ubud, Bali
Fee: Charitable Donation
With Inner Fire

ID Training

ID Training

Techniques of Overcoming


Being afraid and hesitating is something natural in life. In a survival effort, our brain generates anxiety and extreme emotions in response to what it perceives as a threat or unknown situation.

But often this is a disproportionate reaction and can prevent us from reaching our maximum potential, limiting our self-knowledge and personal development / growth and ultimately our success.

Also in life, we face seemingly insurmountable challenges, both in our personal and professional universe. However people who master the techniques and strategies of overcoming, manage (in a systematic way) achieve incredible things in life, and go beyond what they would normally reach!

On this day we will move from theory to practice, experiencing some of the world’s best techniques for overcoming and performing real live challenges (with photo coverage if you wish).

• Transform fear into power 
• Identify and break down limiting fears and beliefs 
• Change attitude toward obstacles 
• Increase persistence and resilience 
• Awaken the will to achieve higher goals

• Breaking wooden blocks (board breaking) 
• Walking barefoot on broken glass
• Surprise experience 

Throughout the event, there is no obligation for anyone to do something they really don’t want to. But … most of the participants want to repeat these challlenges on the same day and at later dates! 

Watching other overcome their fears and limitations will also be a huge inspiration. In just one afternoon the results are remarkable.

• Unforgettable experiences • 1 surprise experience 
• Personalized training with 3 certified instructors 
 Coffee Breaks
• Photos from your experience

Times: 3.00pm – 6.30pm
Location: R. dos Marinheiros 40 2625-116 Póvoa de Santa Iria, Portugal.
Fee: 75 Euro per person
With ID Training

Adare Lanka

Adare Lanka

Firewalk Love & Fire

Take part in the unique moment of Saturday 6th April and celebrate International Firewalk Day with Firewalks taking place all over the planet.

Connect with Your body, mind and spirit. Start the journey towards true Yourself. Find Your inner power. Feel the healing energy creating by Firewalkers all around the world.

Love is the biggest power. Fire is the best teacher.

Magic and healing evening – love and light ceremony, chanting, blessing for all beings, meditation, set intention for Love on our planet, fire dancers, drums and Firewalk. Join & enjoy !!!

Times: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Location: Sri Lanka, No.63/55 Kalawilawatta, Kaluwamodara, Aluthgama – Adare Beach Villa Event
Fee: Donation only
With Ewa Pisera

Elemental Empowerment

Elemental Empowerment

Elemental Firewalking under the stars and Hot Springs Adventure

Do you have a desire to overcome fears holding you back?
Would you like to have more passion and purpose in your life?
Would you like the opportunity to be part of something that is bigger than just yourself?

Come out and unplug to reconnect to yourself, your true desires and passions, take a chance and try something new!

Join us April 6th 2019, for International Firewalking Day!

An evening of Fire, fun, community, healing, and personal growth.

We will be hosting this Firewalk at the beautiful location of Oak Springs Ranch and Riding Stables in Apple Valley, Ca.

Registration will be 4:00-5:30 pm

We will gather at 6:00 pm for group activities, introductions and intention setting.

The Firewalking ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 pm.

We intend to use the art of Fire Starting with sticks to light the fire.(weather permitting)

We will give you easy tools to help you get the results in life that you want.

All participants will be treated to a fire theater show as well.

At the end of the evening participants will be prepared and have the opportunity to activate the superhero within and flow across a bed of hot coals.

Approximate end time of firewalking is 9:00 pm

Come out for just the firewalk or stay and camp out over night under the stars! Its the day after a new moon so there will be a vast amount of stars to gaze upon!

After connecting with the Fire Element on April 6th.

Join us for an earth and water adventure to Deep Creek Hot Springs the following day!

One of our most favorite nature spots in all of So California.

We’ll do some grounding breath and hike down to the hot springs for a day of nature adventuring and hot spring soaking.

We’ll have the opportunity to do some cold water submersion in the creek, followed by rejuvenating soaking in the lithium hot springs.

Hiking shoes, a backpack with lunch, water, swim trunks, hat, towel, sunscreen and snacks is advised. There is no water and no toilets down at the creek. Be prepared.

Have you heard of Leave no Trace? This is a Leave it better event, which means pack out everything you pack in. But to leave it better we’ll be gathering at 2:00 pm down at the creek to pass out trash bags. We’ll then commence to clean up the creek and Leave it better than we found it! Prize will be awarded to the person who collects the most trash.

Don’t miss out on this incredible elemental adventure! Space is limited.

Please feel free to ask any questions by contacting us at:

Payment plans and scholarships available on request.

We look forward to a weekend of connecting with the elements, nature and each other!

Times: 4.00pm – 9.00pm
Location: Oak Springs Ranch and Riding Stables in Apple Valley, Ca.
Fee: $50 – $80 per person
With Elemental Empowerment